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Inspired by the Korean-Japanese art movement „Mono-Ha“ and the Italian movement „Arte Povera“

K.P. Nordmann began with the implementing of his own ideas and philosophies.

His images and paintings are a calculated play with forms and structures. On the one hand, we perceive shapes

and outlines, on the other hand, every shape also has a surface.

It is in this connection that our perception, aesthetics and emotion arise.

We are in the realm of metaphysics and meta-levels.

An important role is played by the chemical reaction of substances and materials to each other,

which are placed in a new context.

How do colors and substrates react to liquids such as water or acids? What surfaces and structures are created,

what visual language emerges?

Structures and forms are taken from the real everyday environment and get a new meaning through

the transformation into a different context.

We see images that describe a spiritual state.

Through the reduction in the visual language in combination with surfaces and their impression they expand

the consciousness into the infinite, comparable to a view of the universe.

A pulsating field of tension between surfaces and graphic elements.

The works invite interpretation. If one lets oneself in for it, one experiences

the emergence of new fields of force between the lines, structures and surfaces.

An image as a concretely experienceable object, the effect of an image as a game with metaphysics.

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