Klaus-Peter Nordmann, born in 1957 in Ramstein, Germany.
1972-75  Apprenticeship as decorator at the fashion house SICIUS, by Werner Henkel.
1975-77  Vocational Diploma in Design. In 1977 encounter and longer discussion with Joseph Beuys about the sense of art and his work

at the State Museum of Darmstadt.
1978-82  Communication Design Studies at University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, 
Engineering Degree in Design.

Influential professors: Robert Preyer (painting and art), Volker Liesfeld (photography), Dieter Fröbisch (communication and design).
1981 Winner of the Polaroid Young Photographers Award.
1981 Workshops und meetings with the photographers 
Reinhart Wolf, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jeanloup Sieff and Lucien Clerque

during the photography festival "Les Rencontres de la Photographie" in Arles, France.
1982-84 Several projects as freelance art director and graphic designer.

First productions as a photographer. Thank you Dietmar Buchelt.
1984 Opening of my first studio. Thank you Michael Eibes.
1984-90 Focus on still life and architecture photography. Thanks to James Nitsch.
Publications in several magazines such as DU, Photographie, Instant, Max, Novum, Stern, Gala.
1985-88 Lectureship in photography at the Faculty of Design, University Wiesbaden, Germany.
1990 Changeover to people and fashion photography.

Special thanks to Jim Rakete and to Franz Aumüller.
1991-94 Productions and stays in Havanna, Los Angeles and New York.

Thank you Alberto Korda for letting me dig with you into your work and adventurous life.
Further thanks goes to 
Dieter Hopf, Lothar Rudolph, Ralf Strathmann, Jürgen Wolf and

Holger Dahlem for making all of these productions

and journeys possible and real.
1995-99 Opening of a second base in London.

Numerous productions for international clients and artists.
Thank you to Hugo Mayer-Norten for your mental and inspiring support and friendship.

Many thanks to Philip Treacy and Neville Brody for being at the same place at the same time.
2000 Return to Germany for personal reasons.

Thanks to Thomas Bried, meiré und meiré.
2003 Co-founder of the „rosenmeer GbR“, one of the first combined studios for digital imaging and photography in Germany.

Thank you Rudi Sebastian.

2009 Termination of my career as a fashion- and commercial photographer.

Our clients roster included companies such as BASF, BOSCH, COMTESSE, EDWIN JEANS, FERRERO, HOMEBOY, JOSEPH JANARD,


Since 2015 engagement in other concepts of art using my background as graphic artist and photographer.

Portrait K.P. Nordmann, Klaus Peter Nordmann